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Advisor is committed to providing professional and reliable tools and services to its members. As part of this commitment, Advisor takes a zero-tolerance stand against spam. Our "no spamming" policy is a condition of our Terms of Agreement that all members must agree to abide by.

Advisor's mission is to help individuals and organizations effectively communicate with their various constituencies to improve decisions, products, services and relationships, but ONLY with the mutual consent of the parties involved. We only allow members to either use their own email lists or their own relationships, (i.e., customers, employees, partners, friends, etc.), or use "opt-in" lists of people willing to take surveys, provided by Advisor or a list reseller. It is the members’ responsibility to verify the validity of any third-party list provider and establish the credibility of their opt-in program.

What is spam?
What is spam? Simply put, spam is the equivalent of junk mail that is sent to someone without his or her prior consent or in the absence of a previous relationship with the sender. It includes any messages sent to email addresses that were not provided by the recipients, including email addresses obtained from Web sites, newsgroups and even domain registration information.

Advisor member conduct
In addition to reading this Acceptable Use Policy, it is important for all potential Advisor members to read and understand the no spamming section within our Terms of Agreement. By accepting these terms, members warrant and promise that they either have an ongoing business or personal relationship with, or have obtained consent to send emails inviting participation in a survey to the persons on the member's own email list or such lists purchased from a third party.

Enforcement measures
Advisor will terminate the account of any member determined to have breached the Terms of Agreement or found to otherwise use our service in connection with any spam email. If requested by appropriate authorities, we will report any unlawful conduct and turn over any and all information, including identifying information.

Reporting spam
To report spam sent with Advisor, send a message to Include the email address to which the message was sent and any other identifying information. We will make every effort to track down the offending party or parties and bring a halt to their spamming efforts.


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